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From Gary, UK:

Hi Julia,

I would first just like to thank you for this fantastic product. We have been out as a family three times so far since we purchased the LOCT five days ago & my son absolutely loves it (and so do I!). Our confidence grew very quickly and we found ourselves trail blazing rather quickly. Within no time, I had forgotten how much I missed my bike. I would just like to add, if you are thinking of spending £75.00 on a half decent rear child seat, DON'T!! Buy this instead, the control and natural balance the LOCT gives you is superb.
Many Thanks LOCT!

From Michael, UK:

Hi Julia,

Arrived back from France a week ago and what can I say? My 4 year old has absolutely loved his new seat. He is not been the most confidant child when it comes to physical things including riding tricycles, but he has gone from initially getting on the seat and being scared to within 2 mins wanting to go faster. As the holiday progressed more and more confidence grew and he now absolutely loves going out on the bike, standing up on the footrests, changing gears, braking and now wanting to go faster and faster, not sure if
dad will be able to keep up! A great revelation all round and a new
perspective on fun cycling for dad, with a permanent commentary / discussion with son. Have yet to explore some of the more severe off road but no doubt it won't be long.
I would have to admit that my initial reservations were about its
cost as it is much more expensive than the other alternatives.
However having an expensive mountain bike that i probably care too much about it is great to have a product that is equal in build
quality, and the design has clearly been developed and thought about. Its the only product i have found after an extensive search that is suitable for a mountain bike and to be able to cycle with weight in the centre of the bike on a robust seat is excellent especially when there is very little difference in riding position. The opportunity for sharing of riding experience and bonding with son is utterly brilliant.
Many many thanks and good luck with it, both dad and son very much looking forward to next trip.

From Bartek, Poland:

Hi Julia,

Personally I think that your product is just amazing. I’ve taught that I would never be able to share my pleasure of MTB riding with my kids until they reach the proper age to do it by themselves. Bikes are my beloved hobby. I am a big fan of full suspension bikes but none of my bikes ( I own 10 FS bikes from SCOTT) offers, due to its complicated construction, the possibility to mount the conventional saddle. And I was also aware of all the drawbacks of conventional bike saddles for kids (bike instability, lack of verbal contact with child, lack of comfort for child). I have been always sad seeing the children in saddles behind the back of their parents, usually sleeping or with their heads bouncing on every curb.
But I didn’t give up an searched for “something”. I found Loct Child Saddle and now I know that your product changed my world for ever.
First I have to say that I have been amazed how well the saddle is manufactured. I didn’t expect to receive the product with all this CNC manufactured clamps (for seat post and steerer) and high quality steel rails. All the rubber parts also very sophisticated and very precisely manufactured. Overall material quality has exceeded my expectations by far and I love such attention to details.
Mounting the saddle seemed to be very simple and straightforward according to the (very good) manual.
I am very, very pleased with your product. I love the contact with my kid and the signs of his obvious excitement. My bike behaves like it would ride with no extra weight on it an is perfectly balanced. And I love the look of other peoples faces when watching us in action at our local hills. Thanks.
I have already made some little presentation to my friends and I have managed to convince few of them to buy the saddle. Please tell me what would be the price for 3 Loct saddles including shipment to Poland of course. I hope to here from you soon. Thank you very much.

P.S. Sorry for my English. My school time passed some time ago and some knowledge just evaporated.

Best Regards,

From Andy, Heidi and Alex, UK:

Dear Charles,

Just a quick email to apologise for not communicating earlier, but now with two very successful trips to Chamonix under our belt, I can honestly say the LOCT child seat is a 100% winner. We have enjoyed every minute riding as a family in the mountains, and can find nothing to grumble about with the product. Heads turn all the time we ride in or around Chamonix town, and we get rounds of applause whenever we overtake solo cyclists on the hills; it's like having a jockey in front, whenever Alex starts trying to speed me up on the hill climbs. There is no doubt my fitness levels have improved riding with the extra weight, and I certainly ride a little more attentatively with the extra responsibility up front. Something that I hadn't realised with our old rear seat, was how easy it was to forget you have the delicate load behind as you approached rough surfaces, but that is certainly never the case with the LOCT seat.

One problem is that now, Alex very clearly considers my lovely Specialized Stumpjumper as his own, and allows me to go on it as long as he is in charge.

Great product, and the very best of luck for the future. We will send you some photos on our next trip.

Kind regards,
Andy, Heidi and Alex

From Andrea, Italy:

Hi Julia,

I've received the saddle on Friday and have already mounted and checked with the tester. At a first glance it looks really good; outstanding idea and excellent manufacturing and materials. Instructions are clear and complete, it's very easy to mount. Alessandro was enthusiast from the very beginning and now he wants me to bite hard before the corners and carve "like Valentino" ! I had to let him brake also, but told him "your brake is the rear one only...!"

So far so good, thanks!

I'll test it better during my next vacations in Sardinia and will be back to you with more structured comments even about details. I'm convinced that consumers' feedbacks will allow you to come to perfection, starting from a so good product. Please wait for my comments and I'll be glad to publish them on your site.
Best Regards to All

From Trish, UK:

Hi Julia,

We had a great holiday! Saddle is wonderful, brilliant design.
It got lots of interest in center parcs, and we’ve used it loads since, really happy with it and the little one loves it, doesn’t want to go in the car now though, it’s too much fun on the bike!
How shall we go about swapping the prototype for a production model?

From Andy, Heidi and Alex, UK:

Dear LOCT team,

Further to rides I did with my son Alex last weekend in Chamonix, I felt I had to write and thank you. Nothing below is exaggerated, and I am more than willing to take calls from anyone who wants to talk about our ride.
Alex is 3 1/2 years old and weighs 3 stone. He is average height for his age, but slightly stockier than most. We thought that summer 2007 was going to be the last we would have been able to have cycled the Chamonix valley as a family, as he was going to be too big for a rear mounted seat, and too small to cycle himself. A tag-along would not work in the off road area we cycle. Hence the enthusiasm to test the LOCT seat.
We cycled extensively in Chamonix this summer with Alex strapped into a rear seat, although our journeys were always troubled by his discomfort on rougher tracks. Typically our cycle rides would be around three hours, with some technical steep climbs and descents.
Once we fitted the LOCT saddle to my new Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert, the first ride with Alex felt much better. Alex’s happiness and my ability to gauge his enthusiasm by talking to him, made for some reassurance that he was much more in favour of this seat versus the rear mounted one. His feet settings looked comfortable when angled as per the set up guide, and his natural tendencies were to hold onto the handlebars directly next to my hands.
The first ten minutes along the valley are relatively flat, so he settled in well, then we came to a good 10min ascent. He didn't cause any obstruction. Immediately after the climb, is a lovely fast sweeping firetrack descent, with some great 'roller-coaster' runs. Put simply, Alex thought it was such great fun, he wanted me to go back up and do it again. This descent was relatively steep and fast, but there were no control concerns at all, and even though we bounced around from surface to surface, his feet never once moved from the retaining straps.
Next came some really long hard climbs, but the seat and Alex were no hindrance at all. Further on there came a hard climb riddled with tree roots. We made it part way, until my front wheel slipped to the side. We were at walking pace, and we gracefully fell down to the side of the track. Alex was cradled into my arms before we even landed, and he didn't even touch the ground. I would challenge anyone to get to the rear mounted child seat in time to protect their child like I was able to on the front.
Later on in the ride, we came back down the valley, which involved some steep descents, but due to the grip Alex had on the bars, combined with the saddle design shape, he never seemed even remotely close to falling forwards.
The remainder of the ride was a mixture of fast undulating surfaces, and again this just brought a smile to his face.
The ride I described above took place in cold misty conditions and we were out for around three hours. He didn't grumble once when we were on the bikes, and was even able to stand up and stretch his legs when he felt the need: neither of these would have been possible on his old rear seat.
In summary, the first real ride with the new seat was a great success, and has given us great hope for good season on the bikes in 2008.
Anyone want to make me an offer on an unwanted rear child seat and frame?!!
Thanks and Regards,
Andy Stearn (and his son Alex) - Chamonix 2007
"The first real ride with the new seat was a great success, and has given us great hope for a good season next year."