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The BodySpace Child Saddle™
Product Overview
Fitting & Usage
The Brackets
Protecting The Frame
Adjustable Tubes
Adjustable Height
Fitting Guide
Set Up
Seat Removal
LOCT in action
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Fitting & Usage
Fitting the product

This product is intended for A headset bikes only (see illustrations)

Remove the product from its packaging, slide off the rear twin bar assembly, select the correct thickness of rubber shims to suit the seat tube of your bike and install rear bracket. Detach your bike's handlebar stem from the fork tube and remove a 10mm spacer under this. Take the LOCT saddle and front twin tube assembly and slide these tubes into the rear tubes, mount the front bearing over the fork tube and refit the handlebar stem as per the bike manufacturer's instructions.

Protecting the Frame
When mounting the system coveryour bike frame to prevent scratching from the twin tubes. Ensure that the rear bracket and front mount are positioned so that the saddle and its frame are clear of the bike frame.
Adjustable telescopic tubes
The telescopic tubes allow for different bike frame sizes and adjustment of the main saddle height whilst the child is mounted in mid ride. The smaller of the tubes have maximum extension marks around them which are not to be exceeded when in use.
Adjusting the saddle position, stirrup legs and foot retention

The Child Saddle can be adjusted forwards and backwards on the front telescopic tubes by slackening the boss bolts either side to enable you to position the child within your body space without interfering with your riding position or centre of gravity.

Adjust the position of the stirrup legs pitch and length so that the child is contained within your body space without interfering with you and your bike. Younger children should be seated with slightly straighter legs offering an inch lift off the saddle this will aid in their balance as their feet are strapped in. The stirrups can be rotated forwards for the smaller children aiding in comfort and rearwards to ensure the feet remain clear of the front wheel and the knees remain below the handlebars. The stirrup leg can be adjusted in length via a 5mm bolt through predetermined threaded holes in the lower leg enabling children to stand and ride, try to encourage this as it develops their motoring and balance skills and aids in your riding ability off road. The foot straps should be securely tightened onto the child’s outdoor shoes to locate their feet firmly in place.

"We were out for three hours, and he didn't grumble once. He was even able to stand up and stretch his legs when he felt the need."
Fitting Guide
1. Select correct size rubber shim to suit your seat post and install rear bracket. Be mindful to protect bike frame when mounting. Position bracket on the seat post with your saddle set to your lowest position as suited for down hill use. Tighten bracket together around rubber shim on the seat post. Fit front tubes into rear tube set.
2. Remove handlebar stem from head set as per manufacturers instructions. Remove 10mm spacers from head set. Install the LOCT front mount bearing.
3. Replace handlebar stem and tighten centre bolt as per manufacturer's settings then tighten stem clamp bolts whilst centering the steering. Check steering is free to move, front bearing mount is secure in headset and all bolts are tight. Always mount front mount this way up displayed to avoid seriously hindering the steering.
4. Loosen the centre bolt out along with the Stirrup Boss until this is able to rotate from its transit position. Rotate the stirrup legs 90 degrees and re-tighten bolt. Slacken these centre boss bolts to adjust the angle of the stirrups and the position of saddle on the twin bars.
5. Set the length of the stirrup legs by removing the securing bolt and selecting the relevant bolt hole to suit, refit and tighten. The telescopic tubes have maximum extend markings which are not to be exceeded when in use. Follow the instructions carefully to set up and enjoy the full benefits of this product.
Setting up the product:

Mount the bike first before lifting your child on to the saddle. Position the child’s hands on the handle bars and immediately secure their feet in the foot straps to avoid a fall. Cradle your child with both arms at all times, minimising the risk of falls.

2. The child sits upright with knees forward. The diagram shows the ideal seating position for younger children. (Minimum age of 2 years).
3.. Set stirrup position so feet are in line with down tube.
4. The child sits upright with knees forward. The diagram shows the ideal seating position for younger children. (Minimum age of 2 years).
5. Only fit to A head set system and be sure that the height of the handlebar stem should be at the same height as the top of the saddle to avoid head injury .
6. The adult still has enough room above the child to ensure no impact with the child’s head.
7. This product is designed for use on bikes with front or full suspension systems.
8. Inflate tyre pressure and the suspension to compensate for your child’s weight .
9. Adjust your braking distance and ride well within your limits to cater for the added weight and skill of your little developing co rider .
For older children (up to 6 years old) the ideal seat position is set further back. There is still ample room and comfort, for adult and child to ride safely.
The child can adopt a standing position when the terrain become rougher and/or bend knees to reduce vibrations.
Once fitted, the steering should be tested to ensure ample movement. 60 degree movement of the handlebars on both sides is achievable.
Adjust the tension of the brake levers to allow 15mm clearance at full braking. Over hold your child’s hand slightly on the handle bar grips and if you find your palm bearing your weight is too close or over your child’s hand then adjust your brake and gear cluster to compensate, being mindful not to create 6-12mm pinch hazards .
Saddle removal
The Child Saddle and stirrup sub assembly can be removed quickly off the twin tubes by removing your seat post (be mindful of protecting your frame) slackening off the 2 centre boss bolts and sliding off, replacing the seat post and leaving the twin tubes in-situ. Otherwise it should take no longer than 5 minutes to remove the complete assembly in the reverse order of installation. .
Wash with soapy water, replace damaged parts as per instructions or refer to your reseller to supply the correct replacement original part
Do not overtighten bolts