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The BodySpace Child Saddle™
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Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:
How easy is the saddle to fit?
It takes 5 minutes using standard tools.
What is the most important factor when installing and adjusting the product?
To set the saddle so as to position your child in a real riding posture inside your body space on the bike.
What stops the child falling off?
The child's feet are restrained and you should over-hold their hands on the bars. In the unlikely event of a fall, the child and rider should be thrown clear of the bike.
Isn't it more dangerous to cycle off road?
Off-road cycling avoids hazards from other road users. We suggest you cycle within your limits, listen to your child and take frequent breaks. Your child's endurance will be less than yours, so you should listen to them, and stop as required. You should over hold their hands to keep their hands away from pinch points.
How does the product change the set up of my bike?
You can maintain your standard settings and adjust the BodySpace Child SaddleTM to put the child within your body space. Adjust the product without impeding the handlebars, keep feet away from front wheel. Leaving the suspension set for your weight, as suggested in the manufacturer's instructions, will give the child a softer ride (be sure to follow your manufacturer's instructions, in case of bottoming out).
Does the product damage my bike frame?
The product fixings have been carefully designed to protect your bike frame. Never force or over tighten the components.
Does the product fit all mountain bikes?
The product is not recommended for carbon frames, and is specifically designed for full-suspension bikes, although may be used on non-suspension bikes only on smooth tracks with minor gradients.
If I have adapted my bike and am running a shorter handlebar stem and bigger forks, can I still fit it?
Yes. In fact, in some case it is better. For instance, the after-market short handlebar stems used for creating a more 'downhill' feel will aid the smaller child to sit more upright and to have less weight on his/her outstretched arms. In turn, as you are larger and sitting more upright, this increases the body space available for the child, and also improves weight distribution. Larger shocks have a similar effect with weight distribution. You can move the child slightly further forward and tilt the legs slightly further back, or move the rear clamp further up the seat post to compensate for the angle of the bike's geometry.
"I would challenge anyone to get a rear mounted child seat in time to protect their child, like I was able to on the LOCT seat."