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The BodySpace Child Saddle™
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The BodySpace Child Saddle™
The LOCT™ Body Space Child Saddle has been specifically designed to allow your child to share your love of cycling. Your child can now enjoy an adult-accompanied ride, reassuringly cradled within the rider’s arms, and experience a more comfortable, smooth and entertaining ride than ever before, as they are positioned within the pivotal balance point of the bike.

LOCT’s unique mounting system couldn’t be simpler to use, or more adaptable. The system pivots at the Alloy T6 front mount, and at the rear mount which is equipped with rubber shims, and is fully adjustable thanks to the connecting telescopic down tubes. This revolutionary system loads the bike responsibly down the seat post and fork tube and induces no adverse forces to the frame, channeling the passenger load down the same route as the load of the rider. The saddle, which resembles a horse riding saddle with pommel, comes with a rubber non-slip coating that offers excellent support for all of the target age group.

The LOCT Child Saddle will transform your child’s relationship with the outdoors and with biking. You can now hold your child’s hands whilst you teach them the principles of balance and of cycling, encouraging them to stand and sit and move their torso, as you would normally in your riding, whilst all the time knowing that their feet are secured with rubber straps in case of instant stop moments. The saddle only takes a few minutes to fit and set up, it allows for ergonomic adjustments for children within the recommend age group 2-6, and comes CE marked.

It fits all ‘A headset’ bikes, including full suspension mountain bikes from medium up to X-large frames and comes with height guidelines, as very tall people can take much larger children.

We are proud to announce that it is the only child carrying system on the market that has been fully impact tested for strength.


The creator of the LOCT Child Saddle is a father of four with a passion for mountain biking. He set about creating the saddle because his little ones also wanted to come riding too.

So, he developed the LOCT BodySpace Child Saddle™.

British Patent Application No. 0625243